Positive Attitude Profile

Employing individuals with a positive attitude is as critical to your business as the quality of your product or the effectiveness of your services. A positive employee mindset promotes a better working environment, increases customer loyalty and is repeatedly ranked as one of the most important traits by employers worldwide. The Positive Attitude Profile was developed to quickly help organizations identify those individuals who possess four critical behavioral characteristics associated with a positive disposition.


Measures the degree to which the individual is likely to be candid and accurate in his/her responses and is therefore not trying to outsmart the test in an effort to present him/herself in a more favorable light. The results of this scale should be used as a "red flag" to make you aware that some candidates may be trying to "fake" the test. For example, if a candidate scores High on the behavioral scales in this assessment and he/she scores Low on Candidness, there is the chance that he was able to elevate his/her scores on the assessment by trying to make him/herself look good. High behavioral scale scores that are accompanied by Low Candidness scores warrants some additional follow-up during the interview or reference checks to confirm the candidate's behavioral scale scores are in line with his/her previous work history.
Measures the degree to which the individual is a hard worker. Takes pride in the quality of his/her work and believes that hard work leads to success.
Measures the degree to which the individual attempts to solve problems instead of avoiding them. Is not afraid to be the first to try something new. Always looks for ways to better self. Actively participates in work projects or meetings instead of sitting back and watching.
Measures the degree to which the individual is willing to learn from others and from his/her own mistakes. Is not stubborn. Listens to the needs and advice of others. Is open to new ideas and concepts.
Measures the degree to which the individual consistently approaches work duties and projects with a positive attitude. Is always optimistic. Seldom worries and always exhibits a positive demeanor.


Management and Technical: This includes positions from the CEO to a supervisor in any business area. These roles are involved in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. This includes managing people, products, services and functional areas of the business.
Admin, Clerical & Office
Administrative Services plan, direct or coordinate one or more administrative services of an organization, such as records and information management, mail distribution, accounting, and other office support services.
The General category includes tests many companies use to screen all employees for basic work habits and skills. They measure general job characteristics such as: math, reasoning, drug free attitudes, responsibility, reliability, rules compliance, trustworthiness, and cognitive skills such as verbal and math problem solving.