Situational Judgment - Sales

The Situational Judgment Test - Sales consists of attitudinal, behavioral and situational questions aimed at assessing the candidate's ability to problem solve and use appropriate judgment while performing the sales function. The test is a general indicator of the individual's ability to persuade prospects and existing customers to purchase specific products and/or services.


Measures the degree to which the individual is likely to be candid and accurate in his/her responses and is therefore not trying to outsmart the test in an effort to present him/herself in a more favorable light. The results of this scale should be used as a "red flag" to make you aware that some candidates may be trying to "fake" the test. For example, if a candidate scores High on the behavioral scales in this assessment and he/she scores Low on Candidness, there is the chance that he was able to elevate his/her scores on the assessment by trying to make him/herself look good. High behavioral scale scores that are accompanied by Low Candidness scores warrants some additional follow-up during the interview or reference checks to confirm the candidate's behavioral scale scores are in line with his/her previous work history.
Measures the degree to which the individual puts the customer's needs ahead of his/her own needs. The degree to which he/she is customer service-oriented and enjoys interacting with customers.
Measures the degree to which the individual is motivated to overcome resistance during his/he sales efforts. The degree to which he/she is driven to perform and strives to be the best.
Measures the degree to which the individual is open to learning new experiences. The degree to which he/she listens to the needs of others and uses listening skills to guide sales strategies.
Measures the degree to which the individual engages in appropriate sales-oriented behaviors throughout the sales process. For example, establishes realistic expectations, stays organized, addresses prospect concerns and keeps appointments organized.


Sales and Retail
Entry level sales clerks, cashiers, stock and customer service staff in sales related role.
Teller, customer Service, cashier, money handling roles.